GambleAware initiatives to drive awareness of treatment and support

GambleAware has launched “a new burst of activity” designed to increase awareness of its Safer Gambling Campaign, Bet Regret and the National Gambling Treatment Service.

The former two combine and come as a result of football’s return, that sees 92 games to played over a six week timeframe in total, with the charity launching a new campaign with an aim of making sports bettors aware of the risks of impulsive betting.

In face of such an influx of sports activity, the initiative encourages people to think twice and avoid #BetRegret, by emphasising how easy it can be to make impulsive bets.

The new digital campaign features ex-England goalkeeper David James and will run across Sky’s YouTube channel and Twitter page, alongside other digital platforms.

Furthermore, GambleAware has also launched new advertising content to raise awareness of the National Gambling Treatment Service, which will run on radio, digital platforms and in national and regional press throughout July and August.

Titled ‘Start to regain control,’ the initiative is targeted at men aged 25-54 years old, with a specific focus those aged 25-34 years, and comes with a trifecta of aims.

These are to signpost people to the National Gambling Treatment Service and build awareness of the 24-hour National Gambling Helpline, raise awareness of the support that is available to help moderate risky gambling behaviour and to treat problem gambling behaviour and increase knowledge of the signs that someone may be suffering from gambling related harms. 

‘Start to regain control’ focuses on the nature of gambling with the inclusion of the line “when you’re there, but not there,” with content drawing upon insight regarding the disconnect that those with gambling problems feel from friends and family, and is based on promoting confidence that treatment is easy to access and will help them overcome such struggles.

The National Gambling Treatment Service campaign seeks to promote self-referrals amongst those who are at high risk of, or are currently experiencing, gambling disorder by directing them to the National Gambling Helpline and online support at 

The National Gambling Treatment Service works with, and alongside, the National Health Service. It is free at the point of delivery and provides telephone, online and face-to-face treatment for individuals and groups, across Great Britain. 

Self-referrals through the 24/7 National Gambling Helpline are the main route for accessing the treatment, which is provided by a network of NHS trusts and voluntary sector organisations.