Earlier this month global identity provider Trulioo commented that account creation processes can make or break relationships between online gaming operators and players, as the firm published new research.

Containing a variety of insights concerning the onboarding process, the report also highlighted that online gamers are overwhelmingly supportive of identity verification checks to minimise risk and ensure heightened security.

Zac Cohen, COO of Trulioo, spoke to CasinoBeats about the critical need to get the account creation process right for igaming operators: The account creation process is one of the key components that online gaming operators have to get right in order to meet the expectations of today’s online gamers, and also to earn their trust and loyalty for repeat visits. 

“As revealed in the Trulioo Online Gaming and Account Opening Report 2020, nearly 80 per cent of online gamers said the account opening process can ‘make-or-break’ their future with a gaming site. 

“To illustrate the importance of account creation even further, 33 per cent of respondents reported an unsatisfactory experience while creating online gaming account, while more than half (53 per cent) have abandoned the process altogether due to a poor experience, a higher figure than consumers in any other sector, including retail and financial services.”

Before adding on what the process needs to encapsulate in order to ensure maximum success: “Firstly, online gaming operators must ensure that security is their number one priority. According to the report, a staggering 87 per cent of respondents were concerned about security, followed by flexibility (61 per cent), administrative control (59 per cent) and speed and seamlessness (59 per cent). 

“Online gaming sites have a small window to make a good impression”

“Consumers expect a fast and seamless journey that also protects them against risk. The research revealed that new customers will choose their gaming site based entirely on that first impression, therefore if you fail to impress, then the chances are they will go to another provider.”

With a fast and seamless experience crucial in the current environment, what qualities should operators consider to be the most critical: “These three factors — security, speed and personalisation — are probably the most important ones to take into consideration for any online gaming operator. Security seems to be the number one issue. According to the recent report, online bettors’ main concerns when creating an account are identity theft and fraud (82 per cent). 

“With solutions like Trulioo GlobalGateway, gaming operators don’t have to choose between the three, instead the solution offers a blend of the three. The platform offers secure access to hundreds of identity data sources across the world to deliver a seamless identity verification process, and as a result provide a much easier, simpler and personalised onboarding process.”

As the speed of change only gets faster and the arrival of new technologies accelerates, Cohen moves on to address how much of a role the changing habits of players as well emerging tech plays: “It is needless to say that consumers have the digital world at their fingertips. 44 per cent of active online gamers have created accounts on an online gaming site hosted outside their own country in the last two years.

“With so many options available, online gaming sites have a small window to make a good impression and offer an exceptional digital onboarding experience that sets the stage for a positive relationship with the consumer.

Those that can combine speed and security … will be well placed to thrive in the new decade”

“The report also shows that consumers in both the UK and the US are increasingly eager to take advantage of the new products and services that are available to them within such a dynamic and fast-paced online gaming environment. One in two online gamers have opened three or more new online gaming accounts in the past two years, with 22 per cent opening more than six accounts.

“In both markets, there is a clear appetite for more services, and this will continue well into 2020 and beyond. Indeed, 59 per cent of respondents expected to have a greater number of online gaming accounts in 12 months time, versus 41 per cent who predicted that they’d have fewer.”

As users strive for a process that can be both as efficient and intuitive as possible, what is the appetite among online gamers for real-time identity verification: “The figures have shown that online gamers have embraced real-time identity verification — 86 per cent are in favour — adding that they would feel more valued as a customer (85 per cent) and would be more likely to say positive things about the brand to other people (84 per cent). 

“Clearly, online gaming operators have to take these attitudes into consideration when choosing their identity verification provider. To take advantage of the exciting new opportunities emerging over the coming years, they should not overlook the fundamental importance of being able to onboard customers in the right way. Those that can combine speed and security to deliver an optimal digital onboarding experience will be well placed to thrive in the new decade.”