Following an official launch held recently Safe Affiliate Programs is focused on a key 12 months ahead, during which the firm is striving to spread the word and establish its concept. 

Safe Affiliate Programs, which has aligned with CasinoBeats Malta as a sponsor and exhibitor, is a unity of operators who have come together to demonstrate a shared attitude towards business relationships built on honesty, trust and integrity.

Ellen Learmonth of Golden Euro Affiliates, a partner of Safe Affiliate Programs, explained: “Our daily operations are no different as every operator maintains their own identity, but when it comes to communications with affiliates on broader issues, we now have one inbox and one newsletter which will run through Safe Affiliate Programs for/from all operators. For this we have a channel of communication set-up between us operators.”

Lauding an official launch in London which “had great interest from both affiliates and operators,” Safe Affiliate Programs hailed the “huge success” which saw them “completely blown away” by the reception received.

Looking at the year ahead, Learmonth moved on to address what are believed to be some of the biggest issues facing affiliates in 2020 and beyond: “Compliance is one of the big issues, not only for affiliates. The rule book is not black or white and leaves some room for interpretation. This will make it a challenge for both parties, but more so for affiliates as they will have to comply with many operators and their interpretation. 

“Within the bandwidth of privacy regulations, you have the cookie expiration issue with some browsers which will be of interest to affiliates. These two issues will be at the forefront of discussions in the near future.”

Adding: “So, we are a group of operators that have come together through friendship and our mutual code of conduct with affiliates. The issues described before are a perfect example for the reasons for creating Safe Affiliate Programs. 

“Usually the affiliate is hit harder if confronted by a sudden change”

“Instead of dealing with issues with eight operators, our partners will be able to speak to just one representative and, all things being equal, we should present a rule book that is supported by all.”

Upon establishing Safe Affiliate Programs it was said that the idea was to create a safe zone for affiliate partners, Learmonth addressed why this is so crucial: “This industry has had its black sheep on both sides of the border, but usually the affiliate is hit harder if confronted by a sudden change i.e. terms and conditions, compliance interpretation, etc. 

“We work in a self-regulation way across operators and want to create a relationship with our partners that is transparent. Will there be issues – no doubt, but we will work through them together, upfront and open.”

Next up for Safe Affiliate Programs is CasinoBeats Malta, with the second edition set to be significantly larger than the 2019 debut, welcoming more than 1,500 delegates to the InterContinental Malta on March 24-26, and offering delegates unparalleled networking opportunities alongside six tracks of conference content.

Learmonth commented on the opportunity: “In the past the CasinoBeats Summit has taken place alongside the successful SBC event, Betting on Sports, which helped to establish the format. Now it has grown to a stand-alone casino conference, which is ideal for representing all programs of Malta is known as the igaming capital in Europe, with a high attendance expected for this event. 

“As it will be the first time that Safe Affiliate Programs has a stand to represent all programs, we are anxious about the response of affiliates and partners. We hope to deliver on their expectations.

“We also hope to get positive feedback and acceptance for Safe Affiliate Programs, in addition to looking forward to the synergies from the alliance of the involved programs for us and the affiliates.”