Online gaming operator Mr Green has debuted a new set of behaviour triggered interventions, which the company has added to its predictive green gaming tool.

Placing customer satisfaction and personalisation at the core of which it describes as ‘Green Gaming 2.0,’ the additions are designed to integrate natural elements into a players gaming experience, which it’s hoped will lead to increased awareness as well as more balanced gaming behaviour.

First introduced in 2017, the tool was developed alongside Lund, Sweden, headquartered Sustainable Interaction, which specialises in developing products within the fields of responsible gaming and psychosocial health. 

Launching the new features, such as behaviour interventions and individual real-time push notifications to support balanced gaming, as the “next step,” the automated communication encapsulated is triggered based upon individual player data using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Mr Green’s algorithm works by analysing a players behaviour and combining the subsequent individual data with their own perception of how they play, which it is hoped will balance gambling habits, in addition to allowing the firm to customise offers and communication depending on the risk.

Patrick Jonker, CEO of Mr Green and MD of William Hill International, commented: “Our goal is a long-term relationship with our customers. After two years with the green gaming predictive tool, we see that our satisfaction index constantly increases at the same time as smarter and individual responsible gaming measures have been introduced. Customer satisfaction drives loyalty which is the best currency to measure our success.”