MGM Resorts International has announced a strengthening of its global commitment to anti-human trafficking efforts, on the back of years of independent activity.

The firm has announced it is now a member of ECPAT-USA’s Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, a worldwide network that is striving to end the exploitation of children.

Aligning with ECPAT is the latest step in MGM’s efforts to stop human trafficking after already implementing several measures, including establishing relevant policies, procedures and practices, as well as educating and training employees.  

MGM stresses that it’s alignment brings a renewed focus, and provides the company with an additional platform to reinforce its internal efforts, with enhanced collaboration and engagement with external partners and resources.

ECPAT supports shelters for survivors and law enforcement training, conducts a wide range of research of human trafficking to inform policy making and advocates for change with governments, business and other societal institutions.

Phyllis James, MGM’s chief diversity and corporate responsibility officer, explained: “As a leader in the entertainment and hospitality industry, MGM Resorts has for many years taken a strong stand, as a matter of policy and business practices, against human trafficking as a plague on human society that should not be tolerated in any community.

“Our company has undertaken concrete steps to raise employee awareness, assure that our properties are not used to imperil children or other trafficking victims, and support nonprofit organisations involved in combating this social evil and/or providing victim services.”

Prominent among MGM’s standing anti-human trafficking commitment is its active participation in the Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, an external partnership that convenes government officials, law enforcement, business representatives and community members to address human trafficking.  

Membership in ECPAT will add MGM’s voice to the global community of opponents of child sexual exploitation, and will enhance the company’s access to current research and knowledge, advocacy and best practices, aimed at the fundamental goal of ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children and all other human trafficking victims.