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Caesars Entertainment has released details of its new The Shared Future Fund initiative, with which it’s to aid child and adult victims of human trafficking by striving to create long-term positive change.

Set to be controlled and managed by Southern Nevada non profit organisation ImpactNV, both parties have joined forces to identify three intersecting priority areas of human trafficking, homelessness and immigrant integration.

Stating that each are “rooted in the pervasive social and economic inequality that underscores Nevada’s most vulnerable populations,” an initial emphasis is to be placed upon supporting women and children affected by trauma associated with human trafficking, an issue that intersects “heavily with other crises”.

This is the latest step by Caesars to eradicate the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, after the firm committed to combat child exploitation by signing ECPAT’s Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conducts, whilst also joining the International Tourism Partnership, which provides a platform for companies to share best practices, earlier in the month.

Jan Jones Blackhurst, executive vice president of public policy and corporate responsibility at Caesars Entertainment, praised the development: “The formation of The Shared Future Fund underscores Caesars Entertainment‘s belief that every human being deserves an equal opportunity for a bright future and fulfilling life.

“In our inaugural year, The Shared Future Fund will prioritise solutions centred on human trafficking, which is an issue that particularly affects women and children.

“As the first social impact fund for Nevada, we hope that our new venture can be a model for companies and communities collaborating to end systematic inequity.”

The fund is to initially be resourced via donations and direct support from Caesars, as well as an inaugural fundraising event, the self-sustaining model is “designed to catalyse solutions to core regional issues via grants, loans and investments”.

“ImpactNV has a proven track record for accelerating and deploying evidence-based solutions, that solve for systemic challenges facing Southern Nevada’s most vulnerable populations. However, we know change requires collaboration, and are proud to be part of this innovative venture with Caesars Entertainment,” stated Lauren Boitel, ImpactNV’s Executive Director.

“With The Shared Future Fund, we believe we can create a safety net for the local community where every person is seen, heard and valued, ultimately building a stronger community for us all.”

Furthermore Caesars is also launching an Economic Equality Tour, which is to visit communities where the firm’s affiliates operate, and focus upon financial literacy, workforce development, entrepreneurship and potential business opportunities for diverse suppliers.  

Caesars is also advancing its Gender Equity Initiative, which aims to reach an equal representation of women and men in leadership by 2025.