Yak, Yeti and Roll is the new winter-themed online slot from Malta-based casino content developer Betsoft Gaming.


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“Grab your winter gear and join two wacky companions on a trip across the frozen tundra in Yak, Yeti and Roll.”


Already known across the Arctic circle for his wild creations, an Intuit inventor has gone several steps further this time, redesigning the traditional reindeer-driven sleigh to run on Yeti power.

Now’s your chance to take a seat, traverse the snow in style, and hunt for prizes buried beneath the snowdrifts.

Powered by Betsoft’s exclusive Trail system, Yak, Yeti and Roll is all about the journey rather than the destination. As our Eskimo Yak and his faithful sidekick navigate the ice fields by pedal power, an endless trail moves across the bottom of the reels, filled with green, yellow, and white gems.

Every time a gem gets crushed underneath the spiked wheels, a prize is awarded from a pool of instant cash, cumulative multipliers, and free spins – with a maximum win of 200-times your current stake.

A cluster-based game, the five reels of Yak, Yeti and Roll are packed with winter-themed symbols that pay out when they freeze in groups of three or more.

Warm woollen mittens, reindeer with ribbons in their antlers, igloos a-glow, snow-speckled huskies, and a few more of your favourite festive things are all here. As well as pulling the sleigh and pointing the way, respectively, the inventor and his long-suffering Yeti pal both appear on the reels with their own special powers.


The wins really start to snowball in Yak, Yeti and Roll’s free spins feature.

Build up big reserves of free spins on the trail, add free-spin-specific multipliers, then also apply cascade multipliers to quickly turn a small payout into an earth-shaking avalanche!

If things get too chilly, trigger free spins on demand with Betsoft’s feature-buy button, increasing your win potential just in time for the season of giving.


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