Caesars aiming to “deliver transformative VIP experiences”

Copyright: jamespintar / 123RF Stock Photo

Caesars Entertainment Corporation has announced a trio of new partnerships, as the firm strives to improve its operations.

Joining forces with Bluewolf, a global consulting agency that falls under the IBM banner, and Salesforce, the CRM experts, Caesars is aiming to enhance guest experiences and “extend its leadership in the hospitality space”.

Jennifer Nocco, VP of marketing and strategy at Caesars Entertainment, commented: “With properties across the globe and approximately 115 million guest visits per year, Caesars Entertainment has a diverse customer base who enjoy a variety of unique experiences.

“Some guests are focused on our fine dining experiences or gaming, while others are interested in seeing a show by one of our world-class performers.

“No matter what their interests are, our partnership with Bluewolf and Salesforce allows us to better understand their needs and helps us take our customer service to the next level.”

Via Bluewolf, Caesars is to connect into all aspects of the guest experience, from gaming to dining, entertainment and shopping, enabling its marketers to personalise communication and incentives in real-time.

Eric Berridge, co-founder and CEO of Bluewolf, stated: “To drive business transformation, market leaders need an experience-based strategy and delivery approach to achieve innovative change with Salesforce.

“We’re building a platform for Caesars that will enable them to scale and deliver unforgettable experiences for every guest.”

Furthermore, via its link-up with Salesforce, Caesars is to be able to identify the interests of guests, and send them relevant offers and suggestions, allowing the delivery of personalised experiences in real-time via its mobile app.

Taimur Khan, Salesforce GM and Vice President of Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, added: “The casino industry is undergoing changes that have operators searching for new ways to increase engagement and loyalty with customers.

“With Salesforce, Caesars can tap into individual affinities, to build highly personalised hospitality and gaming experiences that keep their guests coming back year after year.”