Online casino games developer Pragmatic Play is celebrating the Year of the Dog with latest video slot, Lucky New Year.

The 3×5 slot packs the reels with drums, dragon masks and firecrackers, with the dog itself acting as the game’s wild symbol, appearing in stacks and barking when the player lands a successful spin.

The free spins mode merges the middle reels to form one reel of giant super symbols, boosting players’ chances of hitting the biggest wins, while six or more lucky lanterns launches the rewarding re-spins feature.

Melissa Summerfield, Pragmatic Play’s chief commercial officer, said: “We are proud to launch Lucky New Year, a game that builds on our reputation for delivering engaging, best-in-breed video slots.

“The game cranks up the excitement with an enticing array of bonus features, and we look forward to rolling out the title with our growing number of internationally recognised platform and operating partners.”