Metal Casino is to launch a live show, intended to fuse live casino experiences with hard rock and metal music.

The site, which professes to be the “biggest, boldest and most hardcore online casino on the planet,” will stream the twice weekly gaming and music show on the Twitch and YouTube platforms.

Mixing music, chat, live games and audience interaction with the opportunity to win big prizes, the programme is set to be anchored by TV hostess Marielle Tengstrom and Ryan Roxie, famed for collaborations with Alice Cooper and Slash.

Of the new launch, Roxie stated: “”It’s gonna be awesome – we’re so excited to get started. We’re gonna have so much fun talking music and slots in the studio and with the viewers wherever they are and giving away great prizes.

“You don’t want to miss this. As we say at Metal Casino, ‘Stay tuned, stay true and stay metal.”

Metal Casino, part owned by Ozzy Osbourne, is to broadcast the new show for the first time on Friday, February 16 at 20:00 (CET), and every Wednesday and Friday at the same time from thereon.

The site, which went live in August of last year, is also backed by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson in addition to to The Prince of Darkness

Clas Dahlen, Metal Casino’s CMO, added: “Metal Casino does things differently than our competitors and our hard rockin’ live show will reflect that. We are true, we’re real, we’re relevant and dedicated, there’s no bullsh*t.

“The show is about people from the metal scene enjoying themselves and enjoying casino games while interacting with the audience out there.

“This is an entirely new format that we actually started working on in March last year, even before the site launched. Metal Casino Live is paving in the world of online streaming; it cannot be pigeonholed as another deadhead casino streamer, nor is it a music talk show. It is a concept on its own. A concept that goes all in for the fans.”

Check out the video below, promoting the Metal Casino Live pilot which was held earlier this month